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Area Builder

Area Builder simulation


  • Area
  • Perimeter
  • Fractional areas
  • Scale factors

Sample Learning Goals

  • Find the area of a shape by counting unit squares
  • Describe the relationship between area and perimeter
  • Build shapes with a given area and/or perimeter
  • Find the area of an irregular shape by decomposing into smaller, regular shapes (e.g., rectangles, triangles, squares)
  • Determine the scale factor of similar shapes
  • Generalize how area and perimeter change when scaling shapes

Standards Alignment

Common Core - Math

  • 6.G.A.1

  • 3.MD.D.8

  • 3.MD.C.7d

  • 3.MD.C.7c

  • 3.MD.C.7b

  • 3.MD.C.7a

  • 3.MD.C.7

  • 3.MD.C.6

  • 3.MD.C.5b

  • 3.MD.C.5a

  • 3.MD.C.5

System Requirements


HTML5 simulations can run on iPads, Chromebooks, PC, Mac, and Linux systems.
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Version 1.1.22