Discharge Lamps and Electron Transitions

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Titel Discharge Lamps and Electron Transitions
Beschreibung This activity is designed to complement lessons about flame tests and line emission spectra. Students use the PhET simulation to explore how energy is transferred between free electrons and electrons in atoms. They also investigate how this energy is related to the energies, wavelengths and colors of the photons released by electrons in atoms.
Thema Chemie, Physik
Niveau Hochschule - Grundstudium, Sekundarstufe II
Typ Geführte Aktivität
Dauer 60 Minuten
Antwort enthalten Nein
Sprache Englisch
Stichworte atoms, electrons, emission spectrum, energy, frequency, wavelength
Simulation(en) Neonlicht und andere Entladungslampen

Autoren Linda Cummings
Schule / Organisation The Classical Academy
Eingereicht am 21.03.17
Aktualisiert am 21.03.17