Introduction to Current, Voltage, and Resistance

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العنوان Introduction to Current, Voltage, and Resistance
الوصف This is a set of guided notes for the first day that our students are introduced to current, voltage and resistance. Learning goals are: i) Explain what voltage, resistance and current are; ii) Identify their roles in a ciruit. The answer key is formatted slightly differently than the students notes. This activity falls in the middle of a week that starts with electrostatics (and the balloon sim) and ends with constructing circuits in series and in parallel both in the circuit construction sim and in real life (with a real circuit board).
مادة الفيزياء
المستوى المدرسة الثانوية
نوع معمل
مدة 60 دقائق
إجابات متضمنة لا
اللغة الإنجليزية
الكلمات المفتاحبة Circuits، Electricity
تقنيات المحاكاة Balloons and Static Electricity، طقم ادوات انشاء دائرة كهربائية، جون والكهرباء الساكنة

مؤلفون Karen King
المدرسة/ المنظمة Denver School of Science and Technology
تم إرساله 06/05/07
تم تحديثه 28/04/15