Salts & Solubility 鹽類和溶解度 - Solubility | Salt | Solutions - PhET Interactive Simulations

Salts & Solubility 鹽類和溶解度

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Salts & Solubility 鹽類和溶解度 simulation


  • Solubility
  • Salt
  • Solutions
  • 化學平衡
  • Saturation
  • 化學式
  • Ksp
  • Le Chatelier's Principle

Sample Learning Goals

  • ●排列出各種鹽類的溶解度大小
  • ●了解中性化合物中陰離子和陽離子的比例
  • ●計算飽和溶液中的莫耳濃度以及Ksp的值

System Requirements

Java via CheerpJ;

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Download the java file using the download button.Java simulations run on most PC, Mac, and Linux systems.
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Version 1.08