Moving Man - Distance vs. Time Graphs

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Назва Moving Man - Distance vs. Time Graphs
Опис This is an activity designed as an introductory exercise to Distance vs. Time graphs and only basic graphing skills are needed to complete the activity. The students will: Develop a general knowledge of Distance vs. Time graphs. What a graph of a person standing still would look like What graphs of a person moving either towards or away from an observer would look like. How differences in speed appear on the graph.
Предмет Фізика
Рівень Старші класи
Тип Домашня робота
Тривалість 30 хвилин
Відповіді включені Ні
Мова English
Ключові слова Heat, Stat Mech, Thermo
Симуляції The Moving Man

Автор(и) Steve Reeves
Контактна електронна адреса
Школа/ Організація Standley Lake High School
Створено 02.08.05
Оновлено 19.05.15