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Roztoky cukru a soli: Makro

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Roztoky cukru a soli: Makro simulation


  • Roztoky
  • Iónový
  • Kovalentná

Sample Learning Goals

  • Use pictures and proportional reasoning to explain changes in concentration
  • Draw what happens at the molecular level when compounds dissolve in water
  • Identify if a compound is a salt or sugar by macroscopic observations or microscopic representations.
  • Explain how using combinations of solutes changes solution characteristics or not.
  • Use observations to explain ways concentration of a solute can change.
  • Describe ways the formula, macroscopic observations, or microscopic representations of a compound indicates if the bonding is ionic or covalent.

System Requirements

Java via CheerpJ;

Java via CheerpJ simulations run in a browser on most devices.
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Download the java file using the download button.Java simulations run on most PC, Mac, and Linux systems.
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Version 1.02