Finding Wave Properties

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Titlu Finding Wave Properties
Descriere This is an activity we use in 9th grade physics towards the beginning of the wave unit. The students' learning goals are: 1) Calculate and measure different wave characteristics (frequency, period, amplitude, wavelength). 2) Describe the relationships among each of these wave characteristics We introduce these concepts first in class and then do the simulation the next day.
Subiect Physics
Nivel High School
Tip Lab
Durata 60 minutes
Răspunsuri incluse No
Limbă English
Cuvinte cheie Algebra, Equations
Simularea Wave on a String

Autori Karen King, Stephan Graham
Şcoală / Organizaţie Denver School of Science and Technology
Prima transmisie 02.03.2007
Ultima verificare 28.04.2015