Simple Series and Parallel Circuits Lab

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Título Simple Series and Parallel Circuits Lab
Descrição This online lab was designed in Spring 2020 to supplement learning, since all lectures and labs were moved online. It could be used as a lab or a homework assignment or for remote learning. Some content from other contributors was used, but most of the material and the order is unique to my classroom. It guides students through series and parallel circuits
Assunto Física
Nível Ensino Secundário, Licenciatura - Introdução
Tipo Laboratório, Remote Learning, Trabalho para Casa
Duração 120 minutos
Respostas Incluídas Não
Idioma English
Palavras Chave circuit, current, parallel, resistance, series, voltage
Simulações Kit de Construção de Circuitos: DC (HTML5)

Autores David Waters
Escola / Organização St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Submetido 14-04-2020
Atualizado 14-04-2020