DC Measuring Devices

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Tittel DC Measuring Devices
Omtale This experiment is designed to know how determine the color code resisters for four bands and five bands. Also to know the difference between the series connection and the parallel one, and to measure the electric current passing through the element, and to measure the potential difference across the element.
Emne Fysikk
Nivå Student - introduksjon (bachelor)
Type Lab, Remote Learning
Tid 120 minutt
Inneheld svar Nei
Språk English
Nøkkelord Ammeter, Parallel, Series, Simple Circuit, Voltmeter
Simuleringar Circuit Construction Kit: DC (HTML5), Krinsbyggar (likestraum) (HTML5)

Forfattarar Omar Adwan
Skule / Organisasjon University of Sharjah
Lasta opp 21.05.20
Oppdatert 21.05.20