Quantum Wave Interference, PhET, Worksheet, High Intensity, Problems

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Наслов Quantum Wave Interference, PhET, Worksheet, High Intensity, Problems
Опис This is a 120 min. worksheet related to interference, double slits, and how the double-slit experiment shows wave and particle behaviour of quantum objects. This worksheet included conceptual questions and simulations activities. Students will be able to observe, examine, and connect the PhET simulation to the concepts and have a better understanding of the basic principles of quantum mechanics.
Предмет Физика
Ниво Висока школа, Додипломски - Вовед, Средна школа
Тип Discussion Prompts, Guided Activity, Remote Learning, Демонстрација, Домашна работа, Друго, Лабораторија
Траење 120 минути
Одговорите се вклучени Не
Јазик Англиски
Клучни зборови Double Slit, Electrons, Helium atoms, Interference, Measurements, Neutrons, Particle Model, Particle View, Particle-like Behaviour, Particles, Photon View, Photons, Quantum Detectors, Quantum Mechanics, Slit Separation, Slit Width, Superposition, Wave Model, Wave View, Wave-Particle Duality, Wave-like Behaviour, Waves
Симулации Интерференција на квантни бранови

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