Wave Interference in 2D

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Наслов Wave Interference in 2D
Опис This activity helps students understand what happens when two-dimensional waves interfere. Learning Goals: o Interpret a 2D top view picture of a wave o Identify areas of constructive and destructive interference in 2D. o Predict the behavior of water, sound, or light when you have two sources (predict what will happen in both constructive and in destructive areas)
Предмет Физика
Ниво Висока школа
Тип Лабораторија
Траење 30 минути
Одговорите се вклучени Не
Јазик Англиски
Клучни зборови constructive interference, destructive interference, interference, light, sound, water
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Автори Karen King, Cory Hofschild
Школо / Организација Denver School of Science and Technology
Поставено 2.4.07
Обновено 28.4.15