Modelling Motion

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제목 Modelling Motion
설명 This activity uses the pendulum lab to allow students to investigate the motion of a pendulum, relationship between acceleration, velocity and displacement and the principles of energy transformation and conservation. Students will use the simulation to manipulate variables such as the length of the pendulum, the amplitude of the swing, or the mass of the bob, and observe how these changes affect the motion of the pendulum. The teacher will guide students through the experiment, prompting them to collect and analyze data, draw conclusions based on their observations, and make connections to real-world scenarios. The goal of this activity is to help students develop a deeper understanding of the principles of energy transformation and conservation, the relationship between displacement, acceleration, and velocity, and connection to real-world situations.
주제 물리학
수준 고교목록 구분 대학-하급목록 구분 중학
유형 논의 조언목록 구분 숙제목록 구분 시범목록 구분 안내된 활동목록 구분 원격학습
기간 120 분
정답 포함
언어 영어
키워드 acceleration목록 구분 displacement목록 구분 displacement목록 구분 gravity목록 구분 harmonic목록 구분 kinematics목록 구분 kinetic energy목록 구분 motion목록 구분 pendulum목록 구분 period목록 구분 potential energy
시뮬레이션 진자 실험 (HTML5)

저자(들) Samuel Okoth Ogalo
학교/기관 African Maths Initative (AMI)
제출일 23. 2. 15
업데이트 날자 23. 2. 15