Introductions to Solutions

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제목 Introductions to Solutions
설명 This activity provides a general introduction to solutions. Specifically, it compares and contrasts the behavior of molecular compounds and chemical salts in water. Asks students to provide evidence to classify molecular compounds and chemical salts as either as electrolytes or non electrolytes. Students demonstrate their understanding of the behavior of chemical salts and molecular compounds in water by drawing particle diagrams that represent these types of aqueous solutions. Finally, students will propose an explanation of the behavior of the conductivity tester in the salt and sugar solutions. This activity links to a number of different concepts such as intermolecular forces and chemical bonding.
주제 화학
수준 고교목록 구분 대학-하급
유형 실험목록 구분 안내된 활동
기간 60 분
정답 포함 아니요
언어 영어
키워드 Solute목록 구분 electrolyte목록 구분 non electrolyte목록 구분 solution목록 구분 solvent
시뮬레이션 설탕과 소금 용액

저자(들) Sarah English
학교/기관 Sweet Home High School
제출일 17. 3. 9
업데이트 날자 17. 3. 9