Circuit Simulation Lab

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제목 Circuit Simulation Lab
설명 In this activity students will practice building series & parallel circuits. They will compare and contrast them. They will also practice calculating resistance with Ohm’s Law. Each student is intended to have their own computer and their own copy of the handout.
기간 60 분
정답 포함 아니요
언어 영어
키워드 Circuit목록 구분 Ohm목록 구분 Parallel목록 구분 Series
시뮬레이션 회로 제작 키트(DC)목록 구분 회로제작 키트(DC) 가상 실험

저자(들) James Giessner
학교/기관 Gwinnett County Public Schools
제출일 11. 2. 3
업데이트 날자 11. 2. 3