Online Assignment 4 Ms & Ss

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제목 Online Assignment 4 Ms & Ss
설명 A flexible, browser-based learning experience for students in HS and College physics. Overall, this learning experience provides students with cooperative missions which will help them develop real-world reasoning skills. These four "Masses and Springs" assignments can be used as stand-alones, or all four assignments can be completed in natural succession. The large file represents a complete, browser based assignment version which can be downloaded to a disk and then installed on an internet-less computer. The offline assignment works best with Mozilla; MSIE requires a student to re-save each offline simulation before running it. [NOTE] In the offline version, the instructions and questions which comprise each assignment are presented in a continuous loop. None of the interactive features directly allow students to stop the auto-cycling feature within any one assignment. My intent was to encourage students to "load" each question or instruction into their minds... because in the real world, sometimes it's not easy to re-read the instructions over and over. A creative solution to the cycling issue comes in the form of hitting the "PrtScn" button, then pasting that captured image into an MS Paint, or similar program's, editing window. In the online version, students can switch between instructions. I'll probably change the offline version to match the online version... [/NOTE]
주제 물리학
수준 고교목록 구분 대학-하급
유형 개념 질문목록 구분 숙제목록 구분 실험
정답 포함 아니요
언어 영어
키워드 Browser based목록 구분 Energy Skate Park목록 구분 Equilibrium목록 구분 Extrapolation목록 구분 Group Project목록 구분 Masses and Springs목록 구분 Online목록 구분 PhET목록 구분 Potential Energy목록 구분 Spring Constant
시뮬레이션 추와 용수철

저자(들) Ed Johnsen
학교/기관 Colorado State Universities
제출일 09. 7. 6
업데이트 날자 09. 7. 13