Wave Interference in 2D

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제목 Wave Interference in 2D
설명 This activity helps students understand what happens when two-dimensional waves interfere. Learning Goals: o Interpret a 2D top view picture of a wave o Identify areas of constructive and destructive interference in 2D. o Predict the behavior of water, sound, or light when you have two sources (predict what will happen in both constructive and in destructive areas)
주제 물리학
수준 고교
유형 실험
기간 30 분
정답 포함 아니요
언어 영어
키워드 constructive interference목록 구분 destructive interference목록 구분 interference목록 구분 light목록 구분 sound목록 구분 water
시뮬레이션 파동의 간섭

저자(들) Karen King, Cory Hofschild
학교/기관 Denver School of Science and Technology
제출일 07. 4. 2
업데이트 날자 15. 4. 28