Projectile Motion: The Basic Flight Path

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題名 Projectile Motion: The Basic Flight Path
内容 This activity is designed as a team activity and the instructions ask for both individual and group answers to questions The students will draw basic flight path of a projectile, altering that flight path as initial velocity and angle of launch are changed, The students will list and describe what the variables are in the flight path of projectile motion, including; Range (horizontal distance moved) Time (time the projectile is in the air) Initial velocity of the projectile Angle (the angle of launch of the projectile)
課題 物理学
レベル 高等学校
タイプ 実験教室
所要時間 60 分
解答を含む いいえ
言語 英語
キーワード Heat, Stat Mech, Thermo
シミュレーション 放物運動(Projectile Motion)

著者 Steve Reeves
学校 / 団体 Standley Lake High School
送信日 05/08/04
更新日 07/09/18