Guided Discovery (Chinese/English) for Freshman University Physics: 1. Kinematics

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શિર્ષક Guided Discovery (Chinese/English) for Freshman University Physics: 1. Kinematics
વર્ણન Part of a series of 12 bilingual (English/Chinese) guided discovery activities for first-year university physics (native Chinese speakers). GD-1 Kinematics guides students as they observe motion, graph motion, and then derive equations to describe 1D and 2D motion. During the activity, students learn to associate the English terms with the Chinese terms. Guided discovery worksheets along with HTML webpages with links to simulations and PDF file are also viewable at Answer sheets are available to teachers from the author. Development supported by a grant from the Ministry of Education (ROC)
વિષય ભૌતિકશાસ્ત્ર
સ્તર અંડરગ્રેડ - પ્રસ્તાવના
પ્રકાર માર્ગદર્શિત પ્રવૃત્તિ, લેબ
સમયગાળો 120 મિનિટ
જવાબો શામેલ છે ના
ભાષા ઇંગ્લિશ
કી વર્ડ્સ 1D Motion, Bilingual(Chinese/English), Guided Discovery, Projectile Motion, Rotational Motion
સિમ્યુલેશન Ladybug Motion 2D, Maze Game, The Moving Man, અસ્ત્ર ગતિ - જીજ્ઞેશ ખુંટ (HTML5), Ladybug Revolution

લેખક Charity Grace White(白愛恩),Janet Chen(陳衫豫),Jonathon David White(白小明)
શાળા / સંસ્થા Yuan Ze University
સબમિટ કર્યાની તારીખ 10/23/20
અપડેટ કર્યાની તારીખ 11/16/20