ChemActivity: Phase Changes and Intermolecular Forces

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Título ChemActivity: Phase Changes and Intermolecular Forces
Descrición Students use the States of Matter simulation to identify phase changes at the particulate level. They compare water and oxygen to identify why the phase changes occur at different temperatures. Student are introduced to intermolecular forces which they then relate to phase changes. In addition, they create a heating curve and relate the heats of vaporization and fusion to phase changes and intermolecular forces. Activity time is between 60-90 minutes dependent on length of IMF lecture.
Tema Química
Nivel Bacharelato, Universitario - Inicio
Tipo Guided Activity
Duración 90 minutos
Respostas incluidas Si
Linguaxe English
Palabras clave Energy, Heating Curve, Intermolecular Forces, Phase Changes, States of Matter
Simulacións States of Matter: Basics (HTML5), Estados da materia: Básicos

Autores Mary van Opstal
Centro Escolar / Institución Harper College
Presentado 4/20/17
Actualizado 4/20/17