Refraction Lab

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Titre Refraction Lab
Description In this lab students will examine the way light bends as it goes from one medium to another. They will check their work with Snell's Law. They will also examine Total Internal Reflection and the intensity of both refracted and reflected light.
Sujet Physique
Niveau Lycée, Premier cycle - Intro
Type Activité guidée, Labo
Durée 60 minutes
Réponses incluses Non
Langue Anglais
Mots clés critical angle, light, phew, refraction, total internal reflection
Simulation(s) Déviation de la lumière (HTML5)

Auteur(s) Michael Barr
Ecole / Organisation Beacon HS
Date de soumission 04/05/20
Date de mise à jour 04/05/20