Hooke's Law (Hands-on & PhET) A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Otsikko Hooke's Law (Hands-on & PhET)
Kuvaus This is a two day lab. In the first day, students conduct a hands-on investigation to calculate the spring constant of a rubber band and a spring. The second day, they use the PhET sim. At the end of the second day, they compare their experiences using the sim and the hands-on lab.
Aihe Fysiikka
Taso Lukio
Tyyppi Laboratoriokoe
Kesto 120 minuuttia
Vastaukset mukana Ei
Kieli Englanti
Avainsanat hooke's law
Simulaatiot Masses and Springs (HTML5), Jouset ja massat

Tekijät Elyse Zimmer
Sähköpostiosoite elyse.zimmer@gmail.com
Koulu / organisaatio KIPP Houston Public Schools
Lähetetty 21.7.2014
Päivitetty 20.9.2018