Water Waves in an Electric Sink A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Pealkiri Water Waves in an Electric Sink
Kirjeldus I use this as a classroom activity. At certain points during the period, I will interrupt the students with discussions of what they've learned so far. Classroom teachers using school email addresses can obtain the answer key. Send your request for "Waves in an Electric Sink Answer Key" to [email protected].
Õppeaine Füüsika
Tase Keskkool
Tüüp Praktikum
Kestus 60 minutit
Koos vastustega Ei
Keel inglise
Võtmesõnad Conceptual Physics Tech Lab, NGSS, Phyz, amplitude, wavelength
Simulatsioonid Wave Interference

Autorid Dean Baird, Paul G. Hewitt
Kool / Organisatsioon Rio Americano High School
Sisestatud 22.03.09
Uuendatud 18.04.22