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  • Blackbody
  • Planck's Law
  • Wien's Law
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  • Blackbody
  • Planck's Law
  • Wien's Law
  • Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Astronomy


How does the blackbody spectrum of the sun compare to visible light? Learn about the blackbody spectrum of Sirius A, the sun, a light bulb, and the earth. Adjust the temperature to see the wavelength and intensity of the spectrum change. View the color of the peak of the spectral curve.

Sample Learning Goals

  • Describe what happens to the blackbody spectrum as you increase or decrease the temperature. What happens to the shape of the curve and the peak of this curve?
  • Describe the blackbody spectrum of a light bulb. Why do light bulbs get hot? Do they seem efficient?
  • Imagine that you see 2 hot, glowing objects--one is glowing orange and the other is glowing blue. Which one is hotter?
  • Find the relationship between the temperature and the wavelength at the peak of the curve.
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