Guided Exploration on Lac Operon Function

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Tittel Guided Exploration on Lac Operon Function
Beskrivelse This activity will guide a student to understand how each molecule in this simulation functions to regulate lac operon gene expression. Each molecule is turned on in sequence and the student is asked to determine its function. The activity completes when all molecules are turned on and the system is fully functioning.
Emne Biologi
Niveau Bachelor - intro
Type Guidet aktivitet
Varighed 30 minutter
Svar inkluderet Ja
Sprog Engelsk
Nøgleord RNA polymerase, central dogma, lac, lactase, operon, transcription
Simuleringer Genmaskine: Laktosegengruppe

Forfattere Joseph Esquibel
Skole / organisation Lansing Community College
Dato for tilmelding 04-03-19
Dato for opdatering 04-03-19