Quest for the Coulomb Cup

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Tittel Quest for the Coulomb Cup
Beskrivelse This is a classroom activity that I use during a 57-minute period in high school physics. Students find it one of the most engaging activities of the year-long course. Students work in lab groups of four. (That explains the name box on the first page.) When a group scores a goal at an appropriate level, I stamp their sheets. And I reward their success with increasing amounts of extra credit. As always, run through the activity yourself before giving it to students. Classroom teachers using school email addresses can obtain the answer key. Send your request for "Quest for the Coulomb Cup Answer Key" to [email protected].
Emne Fysik
Niveau Gymnasium, Mellemskole
Type Laboratorie
Varighed 60 minutter
Svar inkluderet Nej
Sprog Engelsk
Nøgleord Conceptual Physics Tech Lab, Phyz, challenge, competition
Simuleringer Elektrisk felthockey

Forfattere Dean Baird, Paul G. Hewitt
Skole / organisation Rio Americano High School
Dato for tilmelding 22-03-09
Dato for opdatering 19-10-14