Charge and Energy Conservation in Circuits Inquiry

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Tittel Charge and Energy Conservation in Circuits Inquiry
Beskrivelse This inquiry uses pre-constructed circuits to allow students to investigate current, voltage and power relationships amongst the circuit elements for simple resistive circuits. It is intended for students to discover Kirchoff's Loop Rule and Junction Rule by examining measurements made of four different circuits, and to make connections between energy and charge conservation with these rules. Power dissipated/produced by each element is also examined and related to energy conservation.
Emne Fysik
Niveau Bachelor - intro, Gymnasium
Type Koncept spørgsmål, Laboratorie
Varighed 120 minutter
Svar inkluderet Nej
Sprog Engelsk
Nøgleord AC Circuits, Alternating Current, Ammeter, Battery, Capacitance, Capacitor, Circuits, Current, Electricity, Induction, Inductor, Kirchoff's Law, LC Circuit, Light Bulbs, Ohm's Law, Parallel Circuit, RC Circuits, RLC Circuit, Resistance, Series Circuit, Voltage, Voltmeter
Simuleringer Kredsløbssamlesæt (veksel- og jævnstrøm), Kredsløbssamlesæt (kun jævnstrøm)

Forfattere Lori Andersen
Skole / organisation Grafton High School
Dato for tilmelding 10-02-08
Dato for opdatering 26-06-10