The "Lifelike" Moving Man: Variation in motion graphs

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Tittel The "Lifelike" Moving Man: Variation in motion graphs
Beskrivelse This lesson was designed to help students interpret motion graphs from motion detector data (with more variation and error than the "ideal" graphs they had been analyzing). Learning goal: Students will be able to identify the following types of motion -- constant nonzero velocity, constant acceleration, not moving -- from graphs that are not smooth. This lesson will come at the end of the kinematics unit, so they should already be able to interpret smooth, error-free motion graphs.
Emne Fysik
Niveau Gymnasium
Type Laboratorie
Varighed 30 minutter
Svar inkluderet Nej
Sprog Engelsk
Nøgleord Graphing
Simuleringer Manden der bevæger sig

Forfattere Karen King
Skole / organisation Denver School of Science and Technology
Dato for tilmelding 07-08-06
Dato for opdatering 28-04-15