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Turn light source on to explore. Observe what happens in the observation window as you set up different combinations of light source and molecule. Note this simulation is the first to support our pan and zoom feature, so zoom in for a closer look, if you need to.

Příklady učebních cílů

  • Explore how light interacts with molecules in our atmosphere
  • Identify that absorption of light depends on the molecule and the type of light
  • Relate the energy of the light to the resulting motion
  • Identify that energy increases from microwave to ultraviolet
  • Predict the motion of a molecule based on the type of light it absorbs
  • Identify how the structure of a molecule affects how it interacts with light
Version 1.5.9

Teacher Tips

Učitelská příručka (pdf) obsahuje tipy poskytnuté od členů týmu PhET. ( PDF ).

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  • Brett Fiedler
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  • Robert Parson
  • Ariel Paul
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  • Syan Zhou
  • Alex Klinger (graphic arts)
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