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Molecules and Light

Molecules and Light simulation


  • Малекулы
  • Фатоны
  • Абсорбцыя
  • Святло

Sample Learning Goals

  • Explore how light interacts with molecules in our atmosphere
  • Identify that absorption of light depends on the molecule and the type of light
  • Relate the energy of the light to the resulting motion
  • Identify that energy increases from microwave to ultraviolet
  • Predict the motion of a molecule based on the type of light it absorbs
  • Identify how the structure of a molecule affects how it interacts with light

Inclusive Features

  • Alternative Input;

    Alternative Input

  • Sound and Sonification;

    Sound and Sonification

  • Interactive Description;

    Interactive Description

  • Interactive Description on Mobile Devices;

    Interactive Description on Mobile Devices

  • Pan and Zoom;

    Pan and Zoom

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System Requirements


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