Displaying, Analyzing, and Summarizing Data 金星表示遵循 PhET 設計指引,高品質的活動。

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主題 Displaying, Analyzing, and Summarizing Data
說明 • Students will conceptualize data as having variability that can be represented by a distribution Students will be able to describe the pattern formed by the data, as well as describe any outliers of that data. • Students will be able to display, analyze and summarize data with dot plots and histograms This activity is designed to go with GoMath Grade 6, Module 16, lessons 4 and 5 on Dot Plots and Histograms. We envision this being a first-day activity, with the second day covering the following content: o Variable data and statistical questions o Constructing frequency tables from data and dot plots o Constructing histograms from frequency tables
科目 數學
程度 中學
類型 指引活動
時間 60 分鐘
語言 英語
關鍵字 data, distribution, dot plot, histogram, outliers
模擬教學 Plinko Probability_二項分佈彈珠台機率 (HTML5)

作者 Jeffrey Bush
學校 / 機構 PhET
提交日期 2017/12/13
更新日期 2017/12/13