Energy Skate Park - Concept Questions Compendium 金星表示遵循 PhET 設計指引,高品質的活動。

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主題 Energy Skate Park - Concept Questions Compendium
說明 Concept Questions are a multi-choice that can be used in a Whole Class discussion setup, while the sim and the questions are protected in front of the class. The learning goals of these questions are: 1) Explain the Conservation of Mechanical Energy concept using kinetic and gravitational potential energy 2) Describe Energy -Position, Bar, and Pie Charts 3) Estimate position and speed from Energy -Position, and Time graphs.
科目 物理
程度 大學 - 簡介, 高中
類型 多選觀念題
語言 英語
關鍵字 energy, graphs
模擬教學 Energy Skate Park_能量滑板競技場 (HTML5)

作者 Trish Loeblein (updated by Esaú Serrano)
學校 / 機構 PhET Interactive Simulations
提交日期 2008/10/21
更新日期 2022/12/21