Waves on a String (Inquiry Based) 一颗金星 象征着 是通过PhET设计指南所设计出来的高质量的探究活动。

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标题 Waves on a String (Inquiry Based)
描述 The students will use the simulation to learn the goals through an inquiry approach.There is a pre/post test provided. Learning Goals: Students will be able to discuss wave properties using common vocabulary and they will be able to predict the behavior of waves through varying medium and at reflective endpoints. I made the pre/post test into a power point for using with clickers and have included a few questions adapted from other sources.
科目 数学, 物理学
等级 本科生 - 低年级, 高中
类型 实验室, 概念性问题
持续时间 30 分钟
语言 英语
关键词 Light, Radiation, amplitude, frequency, math, phet activity, sine, wave
仿真程序 绳波 (HTML5), 绳波

作者 Trish Loeblein
联系邮件 patricia.loeblein@colorado.edu
学校/组织 PhET CU Boulder
提交日期 05-7-30
更新日期 15-5-27