Horizontal Projectile Motion Lab

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Başlık Horizontal Projectile Motion Lab
Açıklama This Google Form lab is designed for students to explore the effects of different variables on the outcomes of projectiles launched with initial horizontal velocity.
Konu Fizik
Seviye Lise
Tür Guided Activity, Laboratuvar, Remote Learning
Süre 60 dakika
Yanıtları dahil Evet
Dil İngilizce
Anahtar Kelimeler inquiry, lab, projectile
Benzetimler Mermi Hareketi (HTML5)

Yazar Ross Pinkerton, Joanne Roque
E-posta İletişim rkennedy@hccs.hunter.cuny.edu
Okul / Kurum Hunter College High School
Gönderildi 23.11.2020
Güncellendi 24.11.2020