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Başlık Estimating the Length of Everyday Objects (Inquiry Based)
Açıklama Students will use the estimation simulation to improve their ability to estimate the length of classroom objects using metric and US standard units. Learning Goals: Students will be able to estimate the size of ordinary classroom objects in inches, feet, centimeters, and meters. They will also be able to calculate accuracy. [This year my students did not have computers yet when we did the activity. So instead of having each student do the activity at their own computer, we did it as a class activity. I projected the simulation and had them write down their guess as to how many line segments (or other shapes) could fit into the bigger one. They then shared their answers. They found it really fun, and it was a great way to make students become comfortable with participating in class. Even the shyest students were participating by the end. I think I'll do it this way again next year and add "participate in class discussions" as a learning goal.]
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Seviye Lise, Ortaokul
Tür Laboratuvar
Süre 60 dakika
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Dil İngilizce
Anahtar Kelimeler Proportionality
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Yazar(lar) Karen King
Okul / Kurum Denver School of Science and Technology
Gönderildiği tarih 10.08.2006
Güncellendiği tarih 28.04.2015