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  • Grafy
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Discover how changing coefficients changes the shape of a curve. View the graphs of individual terms (e.g. y=bx) to see how they add to generate the polynomial curve. Generate definitions for vertex, roots, and axis of symmetry. Compare different forms of a quadratic function. Define a curve by its focus and directrix.

Ukážkové ciele vzdelávania

  • Describe how changing the coefficients of a quadratic function changes the graph of the function.
  • Predict how the graph of a parabola will change if the coefficients or constant are varied.
  • Identify the vertex, axis of symmetry, roots, and directrix for the graph of a quadratic equation.
  • Use the vertex form of a quadratic function to describe the graph of the function.
  • Describe the relationship between the focus and directrix and resulting parabola.
  • Predict the graph of a parabola given a focus and directrix.

Standards Alignment

Common Core - Math

Interpret the equation y = mx + b as defining a linear function, whose graph is a straight line; give examples of functions that are not linear. For example, the function A = s2 giving the area of a square as a function of its side length is not linear because its graph contains the points (1,1), (2,4) and (3,9), which are not on a straight line.
Graph functions expressed symbolically and show key features of the graph, by hand in simple cases and using technology for more complicated cases.*
Graph linear and quadratic functions and show intercepts, maxima, and minima.
Write a function defined by an expression in different but equivalent forms to reveal and explain different properties of the function.
Use the process of factoring and completing the square in a quadratic function to show zeros, extreme values, and symmetry of the graph, and interpret these in terms of a context.
Derive the equation of a parabola given a focus and directrix.
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