Current in DC Circuits

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Názov Current in DC Circuits
Popis The goals of this lab are to complete our understanding of how voltage, current, and resistance relate to each other in circuits, and to learn how to use an ammeter to measure current directly. This lab was used in an introductory college-level algebra-based physics course. This was the second of a two part lab on DC circuits. A research study using this lab found that most students found using the simulation more useful and more enjoyable than using real equipment:
Predmet Fyzika
Úroveň Vysoká škola - začínajúci
Typ Laboratórne cvičenie
Trvanie 120 min
Vrátane odpovedí Nie
Jazyk Angličtina
Kľúčové slová Circuits, Electricity
Simulácia Stavebnica elektrických obvodov (jednosmerný prúd)

Autor(i) Chris Keller
Škola / Organizácia University of Colorado at Boulder
Dátum odoslania 16.1.2007
Dátum aktualizácie 30.7.2010