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Mix two gases to explore diffusion! Experiment with concentration, temperature, mass, and radius and determine how these factors affect the rate of diffusion.

Studii de caz

  • Explain how two gases mix.
  • Design an experiment to find the factors which affect the rate of diffusion.
Versiune 1.0.5

Sfaturi pentru profesori

Descarcă ghidul profesorului Ghidul profesorului conține un sumar al elementelor de control ale simulării, modelul ideal, perspective asupra gândirii elevilor ( PDF ).

Activități ale profesorilor

PREPARATORIA: Alineación de PhET con programas de la DGB México (2017) This contribution was designed by PhET. Diana López HS
Other Physics
Diffusie Roland Van Kerschaver HS HW
Diffusion Exploration Peter Stewart MS
Difusão dos gases Vicente Tomé do Nascimento Filho, Ana Karine Portela Vasconcelos MS

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  • Amy Rouinfar (lead designer)
  • Jack Barbera
  • John Blanco
  • Michael Dubson
  • Amy Hanson
  • Linda Koch
  • Ron LeMaster
  • Trish Loeblein
  • Emily B. Moore
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