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Interferência Quântica

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Interferência Quântica simulation


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Sample Learning Goals

  • Visualize a photon, electron, neutron, or helium atom as a wave packet that collapses upon detection.
  • Visualize what happens to the wave between slit and screen.
  • Justify how the double slit experiment explains that matter and light behave as waves.
  • Describe the behavior of a wave function in the presence of a detector, and explain how putting a detector over a slit destroys the interference pattern. Determine how the interference pattern will change if you change the mass, speed, or wavelength.
  • Recognize large range of size scales involved in quantum interference experiments.
  • Recognize that two coherent light sources can interfere, but only if they have the same wavelength.

System Requirements

Java via CheerpJ;

Java via CheerpJ simulations run in a browser on most devices.
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Download the java file using the download button.Java simulations run on most PC, Mac, and Linux systems.
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Version 1.11