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Unit Rates

Unit Rates simulation


  • Forhold
  • Proporsjonalt resonnement
  • Double Number Line
  • Unit Rate

Sample Learning Goals

  • Interpret ratios of mixed units (e.g. $/lb)
  • Define the unit rate and determine a method to calculate it
  • Predict how changing the numerator or denominator of a rate will affect the unit rate
  • Use the double number line to reason about rates and solve real-world problems
  • Develop strategies to use the unit rate to solve problems
  • Compare unit rates between two simultaneous situations

Standards Alignment

Common Core - Math

  • 6.RP.A.3d

  • 6.RP.A.3b

  • 6.RP.A.3

  • 6.RP.A.2

System Requirements


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