PhET Greenhouse Effect Simulations

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Tittel PhET Greenhouse Effect Simulations
Omtale Students use two PhET simulations — Molecules and Light and The Greenhouse Effect — to better understand how atmospheric and greenhouse gases interact with light energy from the Sun and heat energy from the Earth's surface. Activity also includes a short reading about greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect from NOAA.
Emne Geofag
Nivå Ungdomsskule, Vidaregåande skule
Type Discussion Prompts, Guided Activity
Tid 60 minutt
Inneheld svar Nei
Språk English
Nøkkelord greenhouse, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases
Simuleringar The Greenhouse Effect, Molekyl og lys (HTML5)

Forfattarar Jack Ganse
Skule / Organisasjon Boulder Valley School District
Lasta opp 30.11.17
Oppdatert 30.11.17