projectile motion

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Titel projectile motion
Beschrijving The aim of this report is to check the relation between the range and, consequently, the angle of the projectile with and without air resistance, in the same way as the maximum height. In addition, a projectile motion inside the XY-plane may be a two-dimensional motion.
Onderwerp Fysica
Niveau Undergrad - Advanced
Type Huiswerk, Labo
Duur 60 minuten
Antwoorden inbegrepen Ja
Taal Engels
Sleutelwoorden Range, acceleration, angle, height, projectile motion, time, velocity
Simulatie(s) Projectielbeweging (HTML5)

Auteur(s) Maryam alzaabi
School university of Sharjah
Datum waarop ingediend 30-11-20
Datum waarop aangepast 30-11-20