Gravity and Orbits Een gouden ster duidt op activiteiten van hoge kwaliteit gesteund op onderzoek die de PhET ontwerp gidslijnen volgen.

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Titel Gravity and Orbits
Beschrijving This activity was developed for 5th and 6th grade classrooms, though can probably be used in a variety of settings. Students will be able to: • Draw motion of planets, Moons and satellites. • Draw diagrams to show how gravity is the force that controls the motion of our solar system. • Identify the variables that affect the strength of the gravity. • Predict how motion would change if gravity was stronger or weaker. The Student Activity includes pre- and post-labs, but these can be excluded.
Onderwerp Astronomie, Fysica, Geografie
Niveau K-5, Midden School
Type Labo
Duur 90 minuten
Antwoorden inbegrepen Neen
Taal Engels
Sleutelwoorden gravity, motion
Simulatie(s) Gravitatie en banen (HTML5), Zwaartekracht en Banen

Auteur(s) Emily Moore, Kathy Perkins, Christine Denison, Trish Loeblein
School PhET
Datum waarop ingediend 30-3-11
Datum waarop aangepast 28-11-16