Exploring Vectors and Projectile Motion

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Tittel Exploring Vectors and Projectile Motion
Beskrivelse This is an inquiry based activity that's designed to introduce students to projectile motion, calculating time of flight, and exploring acceleration and velocity. It's designed to be similar to a "Gizmo" in providing students a chance to explore, make predictions and derive conclusions. It's the first iteration of the assignment, and will likely be modified as data rolls in on its effectiveness. It will last between 30-45 minutes.
Emne Fysikk
Nivå Videregående skole
Type Guided Activity
Varighet 30 minutter
Svar inkludert Nei
Språk English
Nøkkelord acceleration, projectile motion, vectors, velocity
Simuleringer Prosjektilbevegelse (HTML5)

Forfattere Brian Minchen
Skole / Organisasjon Williamsville Central Schools
Lastet opp 11.11.17
Oppdatert 11.11.17