Day 3: Conductors and Insulators A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Tittel Day 3: Conductors and Insulators
Beskrivelse This lesson/activity is part of the 3 day circuit unit, but can be adapted to stand alone. In this lesson, students use the sim to explore objects that can complete a circuit and are introduced to the terms conductors and insulators. Students then design and construct a real-life circuit to test classroom objects.
Emne Fysikk
Nivå Barneskole
Type Lab
Varighet 60 minutter
Svar inkludert Nei
Språk English
Nøkkelord circuit, conductors, insulators
Simuleringer DC-Kretskonstruksjon (HTML5), Kretsbyggeren (kun likestrøm)

Forfattere Meaghan Hixson
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Skole / Organisasjon St Vrain Valley School District
Lastet opp 04.08.14
Oppdatert 30.10.17