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भार आणि क्षेत्र

भार आणि क्षेत्र simulation


  • विद्युत क्षेत्र
  • विद्युतस्थितीकी
  • समविभव
  • स्थिरविद्युत विभव
  • विद्युत भार
  • दाब

Sample Learning Goals

  • Determine the variables that affect the strength and direction of the electric field for a static arrangement of charges.
  • Investigate the variables that affect the strength of the electrostatic potential (voltage).
  • Explain equipotential lines and compare them to the electric field lines.
  • For an arrangement of static charges, predict the electric field lines. Verify the prediction using vector addition.

System Requirements


HTML5 simulations can run on iPads, Chromebooks, PC, Mac, and Linux systems.
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Version 1.0.50