Charges and Charged Objects Investigation

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Pavadinimas Charges and Charged Objects Investigation
Aprašymas Introductory activity for mid to lower level high school physics for charging and charged object interaction. Some light math at the end that can be dropped for lower levels. Several key charging terms are defined in the reading section. Lower levels will require more time.
Tema Fizika
Lygis Gimnazija
Tipas Guided Activity, Lab
Trukmė 30 minutės
Įtraukti Atsakymai Ne
Kalba Anglų
Raktažodžiai attraction, charge, charging, polarization, repulsion
Simuliacija(-os) Balionai ir statiniai krūviai (HTML5), Džonas Travoltažas (HTML5)

Autorius (-ai) Steve Banasiak
Mokykla / Organizacija Homewood-Flossmoor HighSchool
Pateikimo data 19.1.5
Data atnaujinta 19.3.8