Quantitative Representation of Natural Selection

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Sernav Quantitative Representation of Natural Selection
Danasîn Worksheet lists steps for students to follow. They will manipulate environmental factors through various generations and collect population numbers for each generation. They will then record the data they collected from hovering over simulation graph with the data probe. Steps for a graph are listed in order to direct to completing a line graph where they will interpret using guided discussion questions at the end of the worksheet.
Mijar Zindîwerzanî
Ast Dibistana Amadeyî, Dibistana Nîvendî
Cure Discussion Prompts, Ezmûngeh, Guided Activity, Pêşkêşî, Remote Learning, Spartek
Bersîvan Dihewîne Na
Ziman Îngilizî
Peyvên Girîng Natural Selection
Şêwekar Natural Selection (HTML5), Natural Selection

Nivîskar Edwin Luna
Dibistan / Organîzasyon San Miguel School D.C.
Şandin 4/19/21
Rojanekirin 4/19/21