Molecule Shapes Advanced

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سه‌ردێر Molecule Shapes Advanced
Description An activity in which students learn all the shapes normally used in learning the VSEPR system of predicting molecular shapes.
Subject کیمیا
ئاست High School, Undergrad - Advanced, Undergrad - Intro
Type Guided Activity, تاقیگه‌
Duration 60 خوله‌ک
Answers Included نا
زوان English
Keywords Lewis, VSEPR, basic chemistry, bent, bipyramidal, bond, chemistry, covalent, diagram, education, electron, geometry, high school chemistry, linear, lone, lone pair, model, molecular, molecule, octahedral, pair, pentagonal, planar, pyramidal, square, tetrahedral, trigonal
شێوه‌کاریه‌کان Molecule Shapes (HTML5), Molecule Shapes

نووسه‌ران Aaron Keller
قوتابخانه‌/ ڕێکخراو Scarborough High School
ناردراو 1/11/16
به‌ڕۆژ بوه‌ 1/11/16