Data Detective

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題名 Data Detective
内容 This set of lessons focuses on teaching students to model perfect linear relationships involving bivariate data with an equation and a graph, to use scatterplots and best fit lines to represent imperfect linear relationships, and to distinguish perfect vs. imperfect linear relationships. Students will learn to recognize different kinds of association. Students will also begin to evaluate model fit for imperfect linear relationships by considering how tight a fit is and the range of possible values for one variable given a known value for the other variable.
課題 数学
レベル 中学校
タイプ Guided Activity
解答を含む いいえ
言語 英語
キーワード bivariate data, linear relationships, modeling, scatter plots
シミュレーション 最小二乗法 (HTML5)

著者 Kelly Findley, Mary Burr
学校 / 団体 Florida State University
送信日 18/09/07
更新日 18/09/07