Cavendish Lab

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શિર્ષક Cavendish Lab
વર્ણન This lab guides student through a process similar to what was done with Henry Cavendish's experimental results to determine G and the mass of the Earth. They also use the data to determine the Law of Gravity as Newton did. The lab instructions mention a program from Vernier called Graphical Analysis. A graphing calculator or Excel also can be used. I have a sample key in pdf format that I will be happy to email to you if you provide evidence of your teaching status like a school email address.
વિષય ભૌતિકશાસ્ત્ર
સ્તર ઉચ્ચ શાળા
પ્રકાર લેબ
સમયગાળો 60 મિનિટ
જવાબો શામેલ છે ના
ભાષા ઇંગ્લિશ
કી વર્ડ્સ cavendish, gravity, inverse square, newton, physics
સિમ્યુલેશન Gravity Force Lab

લેખક Dan Burns
શાળા / સંસ્થા Los Gatos High School
સબમિટ કર્યાની તારીખ 8/10/10
અપડેટ કર્યાની તારીખ 8/10/10